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Cut the Fluff

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“Erica goes beyond copywriting. She breaks down great writing into actionable frameworks with the examples and receipts to back them up."

Amanda Natividad, VP Marketing @sparktoro, Contributor @adweek

“Erica is one of the writing accounts I actually pay attention to. She's a brilliant teacher, knows her stuff, and writes with style. When I have a writing question, I go to Erica."

Kieran Drew, Ex-dentist turned content creator and entrepreneur

“Erica is a gift to the content marketing community and THE ONE to follow if you want to learn how to make edits that help your writing shine."

Ashley Cummings, SaaS freelance writer and mentor

Cut the Fluff is a weekly newsletter for content writers and content creators who are tired of fluffy and unhelpful editing advice.

"Step away and edit with fresh eyes.”
"Read your work out loud."
"Read it on a different screen."

This is so basic.

What are you meant to look for? When something feels off, how do you change it? Where do you even start?!

Each week, you'll get a lesson and Loom breakdown to teach you what to cut, how to add value, and how to finally feel confident when editing.

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